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Shandong Pengcheng Dooxin Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

Shandong Pengcheng Dooxin Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.’s registered capital is US$ 50 million. The company is located in beautiful seaside city – Yantai City.

The DOOXIN brand construction machinery, excavators, loaders and other products researched and developed and manufactured by the company are sold to domestic market and are exported to countries and regions such as Europe and America. At present, the company owns more than 400 professional technicians. The research and development system of the company is based on independent development. Products and services of premium quality are provided to assist clients to create value. Pengcheng Douxin Construction Machinery’s equipment and auxiliary facility are complete, production technique is advanced, technical force is robust, and inspection and test system is perfect, and are characterized by energy saving and high efficiency. The company maintains the leading position in technology in the industry by innovative technology at all times.

The company adheres to the enterprise value of ‘human is the essence, technology lies at frontier’. By relying on the accumulated plentiful experience in management, technology, research and development, manufacturing and market service in machinery industry, new technology is continually explored, and market expansion is accelerated. The company aims to provide excellent quality construction machinery products for mass customers, and make contribution to the development of construction machinery industry.

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  • $50 million

    registered capital

  • 200 as


  • 30000

    Processing workshop

Pengcheng Technology Center owns modern research and development methods, and implements systematic design integrating module design of complete sets, design of large parts of complex structure, three-dimensional solid modeling, finite element analysis and kinematics analysis. Comprehensive research and development capacity and integrated innovation capability in hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, multi-functional small construction machinery, graders, rollers and their parts and accessories. The company owns independent core technology in hydraulic system, transmission system, working device, energy saving and whole unit technology in construction machinery field. Pengcheng Technology Center owns advanced and consummate product and parts tests and inspection methods. It has established test facilities such as transmission system test stand, hydraulic components test stand, hydraulic system test stand and vehicle mounted hydraulic test stand, which have laid the foundation for primary research of Pengcheng’s products, and improved theoretical research level and product research and development level for Pengcheng’s products.

Pengcheng’s research and development team includes: 400 engineering and technical personnel, including 52 Doctorate Degree holders and Master’s Degree holders, and 126 senior engineers and engineers.

Honor and qualification

The company has won many honors such as "international famous brand" and "international well-known trademark"

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Leader's speech

Wind and rain for half a century, and time is like a song for half a century.

The time is moving forward, the market is ever changing, and the enterprise is developing. Cling to the macro trend of development, along with the rhythm of the era, we execute a market strategy of ‘keep a foothold in China and Western countries, connect to rivers and oceans, and step into the world’, pursue four-industrialization management policy of ‘segmentation, intensification, stylization and information’ to be better and stronger, and rigorously accelerate high quality and sustainable development of the company.

We have always held a heart of gratitude. It is because of the support and care from friends of the society at large, we are able to have made today’s achievements and the confidence, and the steps forward are more sturdy and more robust. In here, I faithfully express my sincere gratitude towards the new and old friends providing passionate support and amicable collaboration from various sectors of the society to Shandong Pengcheng with all staff of the company!

We desire cooperation and win-win. In current world, competition and collaboration interact, opportunities and challenges co-exist. We not only participate in competition, but also we are more aspired to collaboration. We wish to be in the same boat to jointly pursue development with cooperative partners.

Culture Values

  • Integrity

    Dooxin believes that integrity is the basic ethical beliefs pervasive in human life. Integrity is in fact a fundamental requirement in code of conduct in Dooxin. We believe integrity is the cornerstone of building quality in every aspect of the business such as operation management, marketing and sales and production process. Integrity is the ethical quality that guides staff of Dooxin to execute and act robustly.

  • Cohesion

    Cohesion is the trait that the company as a whole, business units and workers coordinate harmoniously to commit and fulfill the common goal. Formation of cohesion is the force that pushes sustainable development of the company. Cohesion also forms as one part of driving force for sustainably enhancing product quality, so that maximum customer satisfaction can be gained. Cohesion draws every member of the company to work towards the common goals to realize sustainable growth of the company.

  • Endurance

    Every member of Dooxin needs to hold an attitude open to broader society and external environment. Such open attitude not only enables staff members to usefully manage inter-personal relations, but more importantly, the capability in gaining important knowledge such as ever changing customer needs, new development of industry trend and turbulence in the environment. By this means product research and development will be able to cater to new changes in the market to better fulfill customers’ demand.

  • Self-improvement

    From leader’s strategy to frontline employees’ daily performance of tasks, all Dooxin members are aspired to constant self-improvement to endeavor for the fate of the company. Driven by the quality of self-improvement, every aspect of performance work related to the business is robustly reinforced. Self-improvement enhances the company’s core competence and consolidates competitive advantage, and Dooxin’s future will be glorious and prosperous.

  • 天行健,君子以自强不息


  • 地势坤,君子以厚德载物



Service is one of the focal points formulating DOOXIN’s core competence. DOOXIN adopts a ‘convenience & swiftness’ service strategy. The service strategy is supported by the following key factors:

Convenience: ‘convenience’ incorporates DOOXIN’s product strategy in standardizing and unifying parts across various product models. Standardization and unification encompass two major respects:
(1) the parts across various product models tend to be standardized and unified;
(2) the parts integrate with the supplier brands, and they can be sourced at your local service branches should any defect of the parts arise in the process of use. As a result, standardized and unified parts enable tremendous convenience in replacing any damaged parts. Maintenance and replacement of damaged parts become a lot easier that customers do not need to worry much about inability of replacement.

Swiftness: ‘swiftness’ entails DOOXIN providing remote troubleshooting and solution to any defects or issues arising from the use of our products. We react swiftly to the defects and the issues by linking up with engineers/workers in relevant departments and provide real-time suggestions and solutions. Swiftness allows us to realize customer satisfaction based on our proficiency in knowledge and experience in technical solutions to our products.

The service model is shown below,

Please call or email service center if you are confronted with any after-sale problems.

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