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Company profile

By relying on the accumulated plentiful experience in management, technology, research and development, manufacturing and market service in machinery industry, new technology is continually explored, and market expansion is accelerated.

  • Company Profile

    Company Profile

    Shandong Pengcheng Douxin Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.’s registered capital is US$ 50 million. The company is located in beautiful seaside city – Yantai City.

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  • Culture Values

    Culture Values

    Dooxin believes that integrity is the basic ethical beliefs pervasive in human life.

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  • Honor


    The company's products have obtained ISO 9001 quality management system certification...

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  • Leader's Speech


    Leader's Speech

    Wind and rain for half a century, and time is like a song for half a century.The time is moving forward, the market is ever changing, and the enterprise is developing...

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  • Service


    DOOXIN adopts a ‘convenience & swiftness’ service strategy. The service strategy is supported by the following key factors...

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Main products

Our Product Line

Products and services of premium quality are provided to assist clients to create value.

  • Excavator

  • Bulldozer

  • Roller

  • Loader

  • Grader

  • Excavator product series

    Hot selling model: DX 550PC-9 DX 530PC-9 DX 520PC-9 DX 400PC-9 DX 370PC-9 DX 340PC-9 DX 300PC-9 DX 230PC-9 DX 150PC-9

    Product features: Powerful travel traction,Effectively prevent mixing of soil and rock,Highly efficient and rapid operations

  • Bulldozer product series

    Hot selling model: D65PC-9 D85PC-9 D155PC-9

    Product features: Powerful and efficient, low maintenance cost; Perfect matching of transmission system and engine curve, wide high efficiency area and high transmission efficiency;

  • Roller product series

    Product features: PC140-R PC35

    Product features: none

  • Loader product series

    Product features: DX606-9C DX530L-6 DX320L-2 DX215L-2

    Product features: High reliability,High load bearing,High safety level,High comfortableness,High economy,High functionality...

  • Grader product series

    Product features: PC140-6 PC160-3

    Product features: none


News of DOOXIN

The company aims to provide excellent quality construction machinery products for mass customers, and make contribution to the development of construction machinery industry.

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  • Policy dynamics

  • 2021-02-24

    16 sets of dx230 go to the...

    After the successful start of the Gregorian new year in 2021, at the end of the ...

  • 2021-03-27

    The first building demolit...

    With a 27 meter arm, the big and small arms were all stretched out and almost re...

  • 2021-05-08

    Pengcheng douxin's la...

    After a period of preparation, the company has launched bulldozer products in co...

  • 2021-08-21

    The company cooperates wit...

    The epidemic is still raging overseas. The excessive issuance of US currency has...

  • 2021-01-30

    2021 dooxin and Fmax have ...

    With the end of the busy year 2020 and the new year 2021, the rapid development ...

  • 2020-12-10

    Pengcheng douxin West Afri...

    On December 9, 10 340 excavators and 3 loaders were lined up in the yard of the ...

hot-sale product

Excavator DX_550PC-9 Excavator DX 520PC-9 Loader DX606-9C Bulldozer D65PC-9 Grader PC140-6