Product features:

Product features

High reliability

• dooxin patented detachable sealing ring is applied to prevent dust and water, which is easy to maintain and durable

• the cold pressed steel pipe joint is adopted, and the joint flange adopts the O-ring and groove of ios6162, reducing the dripping by 80%

• the electrical harness adopts AVSS thin leather wire and waterproof connector, which can prolong the service life and improve the reliability by 100%

High bearing capacity

• L series fork structure front and rear frames, good stability and high structural strength;

• the optimized design of H-type bucket prevents the bucket from cracking, increases the life by 50%, and increases the bearing capacity by 20%

High security

• flame retardant materials and EU standard glass are used in the cab for safer design

• add color block reminder on the instrument panel The electronic fuel level gauge is convenient for the driver to know the working condition of the whole machine in time

• optional ROPS / FOPS cab to effectively protect the driver

• new rear work lights, no blind area for night work lighting

High comfort

• driver's cab with large field of vision, ignoring the night blind area; Green glass, UV proof, reducing driver's visual fatigue

• increase the armrest, improve the seat material, make it more humanized, and improve the driver's comfort

• ergonomic design, adjustable direction machine, pilot control, making operation more convenient and labor-saving

High economy

• dooxin patented technology, heavy load unloading, energy saving and efficient

• flexible: the combination of two pumps greatly reduces the working time and improves the working efficiency

High functionality

• a variety of working devices are selected to adapt to a variety of working conditions, one machine has multiple functions and high functionality

Performance parameter

Operation qualitykg20400
Rated powerkw175
Bucket capacitym33.5
Rated loadkg6000
Forward / reverse 1st gearkm/h6.1
Forward / reverse 2nd gearkm/h10.9
Forward / reverse 3rd gearkm/h22
4th gear forwardkm/h38
Traction capacitykN173
Steering angle/35°
Turning radiusmm7470
Maximum rising powerkN175
Overall lengthvmm8820
Full widthmm3128
Full heightmm3465
Unloading heightmm3330
Unloading distancemm1330
transmission case/ZF
Gear number/Front 3 rear 4
Fuel tank capacityL340
Hydraulic tank capacityL305
Lifting time:s6.5
Trinomial sums10.5